2016 Edition

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Optimising your App's Performance - by Bruno Virlet

Opening Keynote

An Overview of Verification Techniques Today - by Fabrice Kordon

Swift script all the things! - by Roy Marmelstein

Human Engineering - by Jérémie Girault

Swift Package Manager - by JC Pastant

Swift Evolution – 140 Proposals in 30 Minutes - by Jesse Squires

Building your UI Developer's Tools with Playgrounds - by Hugues Bernet-Rollande

Reactive Programming with RxSwift - by Florent Pillet

Designing Pro Apps - by Piet Brauer

Extending Xcode - by Boris Bügling

Mixins VS Inheritance - by Olivier Halligon

Core Data – It’s Not Dead Yet - by Abizer Nasir

Launch Arguments: the Mysteries - by Marin Usalj

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[feature title= »Chats and Networking » iconfont= »pe-4x pe-7s-users »]You want to keep chatting with your fellow attendees about a subject you particularly like? Your favorite topic is not covered by our classroom sessions? We’ve got you covered: during the whole Saturday afternoon we have a room for you to use for discussions and networking.[/feature]
[feature title= »Complimentary Food and Drinks » iconfont= »pe-4x pe-7s-wine »]We believe you could get the best out of our Saturday’s session while crunching and sipping something. So, throughout the whole afternoon you’ll be able to benefit from a selection of local foods. Yes, we’ll also have beer and water. And, it’s on us. You’re welcome.[/feature]
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Classrooms are the best way to learn from iOS and macOS development professionals. Pick your favourite subject and join a small group of 15-20 attendees for a 90-minute lesson led by an expert.
Feel free to ask any question and interact with your group, to get the most out of your time at FrenchKit.

Choose between one of the following topics:

  • Reactive Functional Programming, with Florent Pillet
  • Core Data – Hands-on, by Abizer Nasir
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – Hands-on, with Hugues Bernet-Rollande
  • DTrace: Beyond Instruments, with Frank Lefebvre
  • Accessibility for iOS Applications: the Main APIs, the Best Practices and Beyond the Technique, with Amadou Amath Ndiaye for the NGO Jaccede
  • Reactive Programming with Realm, with Marius Rackwitz
  • Server-Side Swift Hands-on, with Chris Bailey
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logo-cocoaheads is on of the creator of the Frenchkit conference around Apple technologies : iOS, Swift, OSX development.
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