The iOS and macOS developer conference in Paris

September 29, 1 PM • September 30, 6 PM

We are back 👍

After a 1-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FrenchKit is back with a 100% in-person event to be held in Paris at our historic venue: the Pan Piper.

This year, we'll be honoured to welcome you to a 1.5-day conference with talks and classrooms, starting on Thursday, September 29 at 1 PM and continuing through the whole day of Friday, September 30th.

See you in Paris! 🥖

🎙 Speakers

Donny Wals

Donny is a passionate and curious iOS developer, Author and Speaker. He has written several books on iOS development and has delivered dozens of talks and workshops over the past years. Next to iOS development he’s a huge cat lover and he likes dabbling on his guitars.

Maxim Cramer

Maxim runs MENNENIA, a coaching and consulting business for female founders in tech. She is determined to remove as many knowledge, network, and lifestyle barriers for women entrepreneurs so they can launch their life-changing ideas. She’s worked on apps that have seen over a million downloads on launch, won Emmy’s, been featured by Apple in retail stores around the globe, and now teaches TechLiteracy® so founders can build products with less headache and more confidence.

Antoine van der Lee

He's passionate about contributing to the iOS community where you might know him from his weekly blog posts on his personal blog called SwiftLee, his newsletter SwiftLee Weekly, SwiftLee Jobs, or RocketSim; a Simulator Enhancing App. He particularly enjoys speaking on best practices for structuring code architecture in a way that creates sustainability, as well as open sourcing frameworks and how iOS developers can be more successful in their work.

Vincent Pradeilles

Vincent started working on iOS apps back in 2011. After a few years spent on building great apps for major European banks, he's now part of the team at
PhotoRoom. He loves Swift and enjoys talking about it on the Internet. In 2020, he started a YouTube channel to share his knowledge of Swift and iOS. He's also the one behind the Twitter account @ios_memes

Audrey Sobgou Zebaze

Audrey discovered iOS when she first bought an iPhone Edge in 2008. Since then, she is working passionately on Apple platforms, enjoying SwiftUI and CoreData!She newly integrated the iOS/macOS team at Proton to make privacy by default her moto.When she is not coding, playing and watching basketball and football are her favorite activities. As a movie addict, she tries to avoid trailers as much as she can.

Thomas Ricouard

Thomas Ricouard is a passionate iOS and MacOS developer for more than 15 years. He worked on many products and applications. From Google on Chrome for iOS to Glose, a company he co-founded making social network & educational service in the digital book industry, recently acquired by Medium where he's now a staff iOS engineer. These days he's completely obsessed with SwiftUI and unidirectional data flow and loves to share his findings on Twitter. He also maintains multiple open source projects & applications on his GitHub.

Yono Mittlefehldt

Yono is an indie app developer and co-creator of Gus on the Go. He helps companies build iOS apps and software products, specializing in computer vision and machine learning. He also writes tutorials for His favorite emoticon is ಠ_ಠ

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Pan Piper • 2-4 Impasse Lamier, Paris

Pan Piper

2-4 Impasse Lamier, 75011 Paris

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