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October 2, 2020 • 13:00 - 18:30 • Pan Piper

Safer, cheaper, shorter.

But still FrenchKit.

Despite the Covid situation, FrenchKit’s raison-d’être is relevant today as it always has been: bringing developers together.

This is why FrenchKit is happening physically this year, shorter and safer, with much fewer but much cheaper tickets available. Still, its very gist will be there, with the same passion and the same care for contents.

See you this October, at the FrenchKit SE.

Special COVID-19 Protective Measures

Because type safety is far from enough.

This year we put our best efforts into providing a safe environment and help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Extra measures will be taken to guarantee a hassle-free conference to attendees and speakers alike.

As a result, at FrenchKit 2020 the following measures will be applied:

  • Number of (non-speaker) attendees limited to 65
  • Capacity of the conference room reduced by 67%
  • Distanced seats in the conference room
  • Coffee serving spots spread out across the whole venue
  • No lunch served on site
  • Mandatory mask wearing
  • Hand sanitisers available across the venue
  • Regular aeration of the conference spaces



Martin Bonnin

Martin has been crafting strongly typed software for more than 15 years. After streaming a whole lot of videos in all kind of weird multimedia formats, he’s looking lately into strong typing his API requests with GraphQL and automating all his scripts in Kotlin so he can relax more!

Audrey Sobgou Zebaze

Audrey Sobgou Zebaze has decided to switch from a computer vision path to iOS Development since the announcement of the iPad in 2010. As she saw a great future with Apple products, she spent several years working in software development companies. In Early 2016, she decided to be more dedicated to build products that deliver good service in addition to being customer centric, like Trainline (ex-Captain Train), and now at Aircall.She’s a passionate iOS Engineer, fan of meetups, movies, basketball and football.

Denis Poifol

Denis Poifol is a Software Engineer at Fabernovel where he develops iOS applications, from mass-market to professional apps. Strong advocate of protocol oriented programming and clean architecture, Denis explores various topics in iOS and Swift, especially generics and optimization of coding (do more with less) and shares his work with the iOS community in Fabernovel and beyond. He is involved in the CocoaHeads community in Lyon and a regular speaker.

Vincent Pradeilles

Vincent started working on iOS apps back in 2011. For the last years, he's been working at Worldline, where he contributes to building great apps for major French banks. He loves Swift and enjoys sharing about it on the Internet. Most notably, he built the framework KeyPathKit that implements a SQL-like syntax for data manipulation. He's also the one behind the Twitter account @ios_memes.

Jérôme Alves

Jérôme Alves has been developing iOS apps since 2010. Although the Swift release in 2014 changed the way he was thinking about iOS development, it was nothing compared to functional reactive programming with RxSwift. When he’s not thinking about complex streams of events, he likes to find new ways to improve his team experience at Datadog, from development to QA.

Benedikt Terhechte

Benedikt works as a Team Lead at XING, a business network. In previous jobs, he developed solutions for customers, such as Disney or Daimler-Chrysler. As an Indie Mac developer, he launched successful apps such as Hyperdeck, PhotoDesk or Hirundo. Benedikt started investigating Swift right after the 2014 release and writes about it on his blog He is also a co-host of the podcast. When he's not working, he enjoys running and electronic music.

Stéphane Mouawad

Engineer at Publicis Sapient Engineering and great fan of the Apple platform.Stéphane has been developing since 2014 on the Apple ecosystem: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and AppleTV.He recently decided to dive into the world of security! Alongside Ingenico, leader in payment solutions.Moreover, Stéphane spends time on AR projects: "Nobody really knows what to do with AR features! But I love it. It's useless but indispensable". 

Mathieu Hausherr

Mathieu is a mobile application developer, currently building iOS and Android apps for connected cars at Virtuo Technologies. After 10+ years of native mobile development experience he continues to be amazed by ecosystem improvements and new frameworks.

Randa Ben Sassi & Sandy Ludosky

Randa is an experienced software and game developer with 10+ years of industry experience working at Publicis Sapient Engineering. Several of the games she developed were featured on the Android Market with thousands of downloads.
Sandy is a Professional Frontend/Javascript/Mobile Developer and consultant at Publicis Sapient Engineering with 6+ years of industry experience. Sandy could not resist the urge of learning iOS development when Swift was first released, in 2014. Today, she likes to talk, write and teach online about JavaScript and Web frameworks.


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